What is ‘The Underhand’?

Very few living have heard of the Underhand, fewer still dare mention it for fear of being ‘silenced’. Rumors in hushed whispers speak of the Undermine and their amazing contraptions and the pains they took to keep them secret. It is believed the Underhand ensured that the Undermine’s ideas remained safe.

Some rumors have said that Silas Darkmoon once and may continue to work for the Underhand, bringing his traveling show as a cover for more sinister purposes – to observe and ensure no mention or invention of the Undermine escapes its oversight.

The Underhand has even been purported to be an alliance of gnomes and goblins who share a thirst for the pursuit of arcane, elemental, and mechanical knowledge and dominion unfettered by quaint ideas as factions, loyalty, or morality. They were believed to have a place where they would research, showcase, and test their ideas from Azeroth and places in the Twisting Nether. But such nonsense is, of course, the work of red-shirted conspiracy theorists or… is it?

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