The Fall of Yesheng Cloudbrew – Part 4

ZHENG: As it should be, it was elements of the Beizhin – the forbidden form – using not the Aspects but something foreign to focus his chi.

QUAN ZHE: May I speak Lord?

ZHENG: (nods)

QUAN ZHE: He won. Is our charter not to be strong; to defend and grow stronger? If he has discovered something, shouldn’t we examine the merits of it.

ZHENG: How many aspects are there Quan?

QUAN ZHE: T-there are four lord.

ZHENG: Which is the best?

QUAN ZHE: None, each has their strength in its time

ZHENG: Well said. We serve all of them not the one that suits us but in balance; harmony. The martial arts are no different – to flow from the tiger to crane; crane to ox; ox to serpent – is a mark of mastery over self as well as battle. It is the mark of selfishness to look for what you do not have instead of using what is before you and within.

QUAN ZHE: You are wise Lord Zhu

ZHENG: Our charter is to be selfless not self-serving. Do not think me narrow minded; I value strength as much as any general. But not with an anchor tied to it. True strength is in freedom without attachment; where duty and selflessness fuel our motives instead of power and glory.

ZHENG: Taran, Quan Zhe – accompany me. We will see if Yesheng has embraced the forbidden to gain a temporary advantage. Jiao, send for the commanders to gather with me in the morning, then follow up with us on the road. This cannot wait.

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