The Fall of Yesheng Cloudbrew – Part 2

PANDAREN JUDGE (holding flag): Distinguished guests behold the champion of the Blackguard – Yesheng Cloudbrew!


PANDAREN JUDGE (pointing with flag): He faces the Vigil of the Western Wall, Yalia Sagewhisper of Omnia


Yalia’s face eyes him smiling
Sheng whispers to himself “Control…focus…”

SFX: Sheng thrusts with a polearm dodged and snapped by Yalia
YESHENG: Don’t think I’ll go easy on you because you’re a girl

YALIA: Remember your manners Yesheng – Ladies first!
SFX: Yalia palm-strikes Sheng with a smite spell

Series of deflections and parries (Yalia and Yesheng are evenly skilled) until…

YESHENG (THINKING TO HIMSELF) “You’ve left your inner gates open – sloppy form”
Sheng moves to spear hand Yalia

Yalia locks Sheng’s arm and begins to channel a stun spell to end the match

SFX: Closeup of young Taran Zhu agape at the upset
SFX: Pan back to show Zheng Zhu sternly watching
SFX: closeup on Sheng wincing in anger
SFX: thought bubble “no…NO!”

YALIA (looking down at Sheng’s glowing hand): Wha-

SFX: KABAAM! (A golden chi blast throws Yalia back as Yesheng bursts forward)

PANDAREN JUDGE: Round goes to Blackguard!
SFX: Cheers

SFX INSET: Zheng’s stern gaze at the surprising turn of events

TARAN ZHU: My father suspected Yesheng’s fortunate prowess was more sinister and gave him a ‘coward’s death’. Perhaps, in hindsight, we should have spared the world with a quick execution.


TARAN ZHU: Mhmm…Deprived of any honor including that of combat or a quick death he was cast out of the order. No one would associate with him. He lived in the jungles of the Krasarang for a while and became the stuff of stories told to disobedient children. But…it seems his story is not finished yet. Now it seems his story is long overdue for it’s conclusion.

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