The Fall of Yesheng Cloudbrew – Part 1

SUNRENXIAN: There was a Pandaren with strange golden eyes – glowing like molten iron – but his fighting style was like nothing I’ve seen – it was…

TARAN ZHU: Unorthodox? Wild…but with a grace about its fury, like a storm

FOOMANSHOES: Lord Zhu…forgive me, but, you know of him?

TARAN ZHU: (sighs) I knew HIM. It was a long time ago. He was… a disciplined officer in the Shado-pan – the Blackguard. He was to replace me as Commander when I became Lord.

GRIMCHEE: But…how…

TARAN ZHU: How was he disgraced? You should know what you’re facing – if you find him. He is not to be underestimated. It was the spring tournaments – the time when the three orders came together to test themselves against each other…it was there that I lost my successor and friend.

CIVILIAN JUDGE: Ten minutes to the next trial – Blackguard versus Omnia – prepare yourselves and make ready!

BLACKGUARD SOLDIER 1: You’ve got this Sheng!
BLACKGUARD SOLDIER 2: Those Omnia have soft paws for scribbling – no match for the iron of the Blackguard!

YESHENG: Sigh…Enough. These are our brothers…

TARAN ZHU: And sisters – you’re facing Yalia from the Omnia order.
YESHENG: (surprised) Yalia? Really?

TARAN ZHU: Don’t worry. They’ve got plenty of healers.
YESHENG: Taran, I have discipline, I won’t…
TARAN ZHU: I meant for you.

They glare at each other… Laughing, Zhu smacks Sheng on the back

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