The Fall of Yesheng Cloudbrew – Part 5

In the twilight, the sun now a distant and fading presence, Lord Zhu and several soldiers quietly approach Yesheng’s quarters.

JIAO (whispering): He is not in his quarters. He may be meditating or practicing his forms.


TARAN: Over in the courtyard, he is there.

Yesheng stands in a crane pose with crackling golden-green energy pulsating in his hand. He concentrates but it fizzles.

YESHENG (growling): Feh! I must control this! I can channel this power and become

ZHENG: Become what I wonder…what have you done?

YESHENG: Oh! Lord Zheng…I-I…I have been practicing

ZHENG: I can see that. Forgive me Yesheng, but which form was that, it is unfamiliar to me

Taran, Jiao, and Quan approach.

JIAO: Yesheng? Tell Lord Zhu – which Aspect are you channeling to accomplish this. We all saw you use it in the fight yesterday.

YESHENG: It is not one of the Aspects…it is something I have discovered on my own meditations and improvised. I have not mentioned it as it is not complete – I have not mastered it yet but soon-

ZHENG: Yesheng…you have brought shame to our order and yourself.

YESHENG: My Lord, no! I have sought to expand our strength, refine it, control-

ZHENG: You cannot control fear Yesheng; we purge it from out midst. We watch and fight that which you have welcomed into your heart. If you could control it, why did you not tell me before?

YESHENG: looks down at the ground

TARAN: Sheng?

YESHENG (in a deeper voice, eyes smoldering gold): I knew you would not understand and keep us from becoming stronger Lord Zhu. The mantid grow stronger each cycle, we push and push without gain. Only to hold them back, never victorious.

ZHENG: Yesheng, you have corrupted yourself with the Beizhin – the forbidden forms. Your arts will lead you to the Sha before they take you to any vision of glory you see. You leave me no choice but to rem-


Yesheng channels his rage and strikes Lord Zhu with a golden bolt of lightning.

JIAO strikes at him and is deflected, pushed out of the way

Taran rolls forward and palm strikes him as Yesheng kicks Quan Zhe back.

Taran and Yesheng struggle as Quan Zhe gets up to restrain him. Yesheng, unable to break free, channels his rage and a chi burst from his hand strikes Quan Zhe knocking him back.

Zheng Zhu strikes Yesheng with Paralysis and Jiao leg sweeps him, knocking Yesheng unconscious.

Yesheng awakes hours later in front of a military tribunal.
He looks around and meets Yalia’s sad gaze.

ZHENG: Yesheng Cloudbrew. In the presence of the commanders of the Shado Pan, we find you guilty of practicing sorcery and that which is beizhin – forbidden. You have stepped outside the boundaries of the Aspects wisdom and dishonored the Shado Pan with your actions.

ZHENG steps forward.

ZHENG: You will be cast out of the order, stripped of any title, name or rank. Since you saw fit to step outside the Aspects and the role of the Shado Pan, the sentence is the nofujizeh – the coward’s death. You are to leave by high sun and if found be killed on the spot. You have no honor; as you have left your place of service to pursue power, so in your presence shall be emptiness. Where your name was spoken, now there shall only be silence. This is the judgement of the Shado Pan and the Aspects.

A detachment of guards pushes Yesheng out of the encampment into the snowy path leading towards the Townlong Steppes as you head to the Dread Wastes.

YESHENG (to himself as he walks away): Then…I shall become the silence if that is my destiny Zheng Zhu.

(fade back to present)

TARAN ZHU: He was never seen again though there were rumors of a ghost in the Krasarang Jungles. A pandaren spirit who would appear silently with glowing gold-green eyes in the darkness. They said where there was fear he would be near, feeding…waiting…to take the souls of those who imagined evil. It seems, however, that this ghost is very much alive… and I must go with you to end it.


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