Artifact: Heart of Theradras

A small, smooth, polished stone about the size of a man’s fist. It is translucent in some spots like quartz, clear in others like a faceted gem. There are channels through which a moss green metallic liquid can be seen pulsing and flowing when it is active. When it is inactive, it appears as an unremarkable hunk of quartz with some discoloration on one side.

It is said that when Theradras beheld Zatar her love and desire for him became manifested in living stone. Zatar further enchanted it with his own desire and the two forces combined into a potent artifact having power over living flesh and the elements.

The Heart of the Earth can infuse and manipulate both elemental and organic materials, transforming and manipulating them based on the sheer will and passion of the wielder. It was rumored that it could transform stone into living flesh and flesh into metal or stone without harming either form. Some scholars speculate it was their ambition to enable the two to share a common form together although their is much debate as to what and how that would be. All that is certain is that Princess Theradras was furious at its disappearance and was looking for it when she was ambushed by a hardy team of adventurers in her domain.

The artifact never resurfaced except in rumors and speculation. Some believe it to be in the possession of the Undermine for testing and research over elemental transmutations.

The Legion’s Vanguard wants to obtain it in order to compromise the floating city of Dalaran’s structure. By corrupting the stone, metal, and clayworks they believe this artifact can fell the magical stronghold as easily as an arrow through an eagle’s wing.


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