Ch 16 – Some things are better unexplained…

The dim stairwell filled an array of shapes and smells from the jungles as passengers from the zepplin disembarked. Some were tired guards returning from Grom’gal camp others were goblin porters and tower crew scrambling to prep the ship for a snappy turnaround. It was perfectly noisy and busy enough to provide Ras and I with cover while we waited. Occasionally, part of a yell would pierce the grumbling and shuffling echoing like an unnatural waterfall. As the last of the passengers worked their way down the steps, Ras looked at me with a sickened stare – silence.

Both of us opened the door, ignoring whatever noise we made only to find Felicious standing over the broken and bloody body of Dinburg strewn over his desk, legs dangling. Felicious looked at me puzzled, sharpening her already razor like nails with a small file, “I think we’re done here”, she said with a disappointed smirk.

“Keeezan! Felicious! You KILLED him?!”, I shouted, unaware of the echo trailing from the hallway.

“What can I say? He didn’t have enough…stamina for me I guess.”, she said with an evil wink.

There was a two or three second pause as Ras and my life flashed before us thinking how we were going die and from whom first. “Ras”, I said, “close the door…quickly- QUICKLY”

I started to pace, then grabbed Ras by the cheeks, “Whadda we gonna do? Wait! You’re a priest right? We just heal him back up and Snappo!”

Ras looked at me dumbfounded, “Grim…I’m a warlock” promptly slapping me across the face in my desperate delirium, “we don’t heal, we soul steal – remember?”.

“Engineer!”, I said spinning Ras around shouting, “you got cables?!”

Ras looked at me in disbelief, “Oh, I wouldn’t use them on a goblin – that’s…that’s”

“Perfect”, I said grabbing one of the ends out of his netherweave bag. “Felicious! You prop up what left of his shoulders so I can plug this end in here! Ras you get the other end and stand behind Felicious and make sure we’re grounded or whatever and crank these babies up!”

Felicious grabbed Denburg under the shoulders, his head slumping forward into her chest. Ras was close behind Felicious cranking up the battery, “Hey, would’ya mind the tail?” and I was behind Denburg clipping on cable to his side and propping him up from behind. Ras sparked the cables up with a hissing buzz when the door opened.

A gobliness technician came in holding a stack of reports complaining, “Would you believe they forgot to bring the shipment of little paper umbrellas from Grom’gar – AGAIN! I don’t know what’s gotten into them down there, they must have a case of jungle…”

She stopped mid-sentence to see the four of us clumped together in what appeared to be some sort of ritual weirdness, “Oh…”

“You can…you can leave those on the chair for Mr. Denburg…we’ll uh…we’ll be done here in just a minute, uh- I think.”, I stumbled trying to look like we knew what we were doing.

“S-sure…you want me to come back in a min- an hour… later! I’ll come back later after your cabling – COPULATING – um…”, and she slammed the door behind her.

The cables discharged and Denburg’s body began to stir…

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