Chapter 15 – Games Demons Play or Things That Go Bump In the Night…

Her tail slipped away from my lips leaving both Ras and I with an unsettling chill. “It was the only way Ras, she’s got people skills!”, I hissed. The mechanic slowed his plodding pace again, “How’s that again?”, he asked seeming a bit more suspicious.

“The uh… this will bring thrills–THRILLS to the Overlord to hear of your assistance in the matter, very patriotic — and duly noted!”, Ras said thinking fast. The mechanic smiled slowly, “Oh…well, good ’cause I’m going out on a limb here pal…”

“An off one if I have my way…”, a faint echo giggled.

“Sssh!”, I chided into the darkness looking towards Ras with an apologetic stare, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“This’ll just take a second.”, the goblin said fumbling for the keys to the room at the top of the steps. It was a small hallway opening to the top floor where the wind whistled quietly; it was in between flights.

Denburg sat behind a large, black desk as if he were a judge; paperwork spread all over the top and spilling over the far side. He looked up as the door opened and squinted. The mechanic ushered us in, “Sir, pardon the interruption but these two are here to see you; they’re from the Warchief on official…”

Denburg sneered and looked unimpressed, “I wasn’t aware of any snap inspection. Who are these freaks?”

The mechanic looked surprised, then suspicious again at the two of them, “What’s going on he-“. He started to turn, raising his wrench, but never finished his sentence.

“Sometimes a girl just has to get her hands dirty,” a voice purred as a delicate and polished, red lacquered hoof kicked the door shut with surprising force. A thin barbed coil whirled around the mechanic’s throat and the succubus snapped him towards her outstretched and razor sharp nails, impaling him. As he slumped, she seemed aroused; her smouldering eyes briefly pulsing as she let out a growling laugh looking at the rest of us. With each click of her hoof, she purposefully stepped slower and slower looking at Denburg with an intense stare of hunger or hatred and smiled. Her wet, blood covered hand gently caressed Denburg’s cheek leaving a streak of blood, “I am going to hurt you… so…bad.”

“Look, uh, lady?”, Denburg stammered while her finger traced past his ear and under his jaw near his throbbing artery. “Whatever it is you need I’m sure we can work something out here, right fellas?”, he pleaded nervously. She pressed her finger gently on his neck sensing each, more urgent, beat of his heart.

I looked at Ras, “See? People skills…”

Ras grabbed my face, “She just made that goblin into a SHISH-KEBAB! What are we gonna do?”

“Soulstone him, you can probably still revive him. He won’t remember much.”, I said trying to stay calm; for all I knew, Ras and I were next on the menu. I looked back at Denburg, “I need a history lesson, specifically your last voyage before becoming Captain.”

Denburg’s eyes bulged with fresh bravado, “NO! That’s in the past – it’s over wi-“, he began to shout when the succubus cupped her clawed hand over his mouth.

“Sssh,” she purred, “I can see I’m going to have to be more…persuasive. You boys might want to step outside a few minutes and guard the door.”

As we backed toward the door slowly, she interrupted, “Oh and Grim…”

“Yes Felicious?”, I asked hesitantly.

“Remember cupcake, payment is due upon services rendered,” she said biting her lower lip gently with a fang.

The door shut behind us as the drowning buzz of zepplin engines were briefly eclipsed by Denburg’s shreiks – of pain or pleasure, I couldn’t tell and I didn’t want to know.

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