Lore Bio – Glint

Glinton “Glint” Gurgulsplunk

Race: Half goblin, half-gilblin
Profession: Rogue (Subtlety)

Glinton was the unusual but rare union of a goblin father and a gilblin mother. He inherited characteristics of both species, having gills to breathe underwater as well as a sense of cunning and curiousity. Details are a mystery as Glint rarely talks of his past but he tries to pass himself as a regular goblin marine or buccanneer. Only on close inspection or when Glint loses his temper does he arouse suspicion.

At some point, Glint ran into the “Winds of Fortune”, Skarlett’s armored ship and came to be in his employ. Glint’s unparalled advantages underwater have helped Skarlett with underwater demolition, espionage, and dealing with the aquatic races across Azeroth’s seas. Glint has a knack for finding trouble and treasure, sometimes at the same time. His skills and gilblin instincts along with his unnaturally quick reflexes have saved his life numerous times. There is also speculation that Glint is actually a full-blooded gilblin and Frizz’s other pet, albeit an intelligent one.

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