Lore Bio – Frizz

Frizzberto “Frizz” Wheezilcog

Profession: Hunter (Shadow hunter)

Frizz was raised in Kezan and quickly took to the outdoors from a young age. His parents thought he had run away or been kidnapped when he disappeared for several days only to turn up as if nothing had happened. He always felt a natural kinship in the jungle and was a bit a of recluse avoiding the more common trend of goblin culture towards business and tinkering.

Frizz flunked out out the prestigious Wix Works business program when he failed to show up for several weeks while hunting a rare albino ape. Shunned by his family as an ’emabrassment’, Frizz turned his skills to more lucrative prey becoming a gun for hire and engaging in bounties regardless of their affiliation.

He was following a marker into the jungles of Stranglethorn where he met Vol’jin and helped him escape a Stormwind expeditionary team hot on his trail. In return for his kindness, Vol’jin trained him to become an acolyte Shadow Hunter and explained why he felt at peace in the depths of the jungle.

Frizz continued to serve at Vol’jin’s side until whispers of a Zandalari threat reared and Captain Rojeiro Skarlett arrived in Booty Bay. Skarlett quickly saw the aspiring hunter’s value as a new lieutenant in his crew to do his bidding. Frizz’s mercenary instincts got the better of him coupled with the thought of even more remote, exotic locations.

Several campaigns with Skarlett in the South Seas brought Frizz even greater freedom. In the remote jungle oases scattered across the ocean he crossed paths with Glint, a half-goblin, half-gilblin. Glint’s lack of intellect was made up for his prowess beneath the waves. His cunning combined with Frizz’s skills on land made them a potent combination in Skarlett’s team.

Frizz’s favorite pet is Sheyla, a Darkshore Nightsaber he tamed and has trained by his side for several years.

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