Mumble Install Guide (Windows)

2. Double click the downloaded file and click Next

3. Check 'I accept' and Click Next

5. Leave default options & click Next

6. Click Install to begin installation

7. Click Finish

8. Click Next to begin tuning your mic

9. Make sure you have you mic/headset connected in the right jack (line-in/headset/Audio in) and select the correct devices for input (i.e. headset or mic) and output (headset/speakers)

10. Allow the voice sample to play although you're probably best just clicking Next...

11. Adjust the sliders so you can talk comfortably and stay in the green zone (or the wife doesn't know you're online...again).

12. Adjust slider so background or unwanted sounds (yelling wife, pleading kids, etc...) are in red/yellow zone and actual talking is in the green.

13. Leave default settings and Click Next

14. Click headphones if applicable and click Next when you hear 3D spatial sounds...Whoa.

15. Meh.. your call otherwise, click Next

16. Click Next

17. Click Finish - Whew. Install is done

18. Open Mumble and click Add New...

19. Enter info which is found in our Guild tab (Press J in game), select Info tab, and scroll down on the information notes for the Address, Port #. Username is your Main toon's name.

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