Guild Challenges & You…

One of the most important aspects in growing our guild is leveling up. There are several quick ways to get guild XP and gold:

  1. Guild Dungeons
  2. Guild Battlegrounds
  3. Guild Raids

Guild Dungeons

In order to get credit you have to use Dungeon Finder (the green eye) icon on your mini map.

  • First assemble your group of guildies – you need at least 3 to get credit (75% award points)
  • They all have to be a level that would be able to run the dungeon through Dungeon Finder
  • Pick a dungeon or random and join as a group

Make sure you have your group created and when ready select "Join as group"

At the completion of the dungeon you should get a guild achievement award. You can run up to 7 dungeons a week.
The benefit is that the guild gets 300,000 XP and later gold for every run which can be 2.1 million a week.
Bonus Points
Having a 4th or 5th guildie nets you 100% or 125% award points.
Guild Battlegrounds & Raids
Battlegrounds are like dungeons except you need 80% representation:
  • 8 members for 10 man raids
  • 21 for 25 man raids
Use the Guild tab (J key) and check the roster – see whose on and if they’re within 5 levels of your toon. Ask if they would be willing to run. You can always offer to run something of theirs (BG, Raid, PvP, Arena) and pickup a new skill.

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