Grim’s Frosty Challenge

Ahh, January…the bone chilling cold, that crisp air that sucks the life right outta your cheeks – reminds me of Northrend. If you’re up for it, get a steaming Starfire espresso and get going!

Sometime this weekend, Grimsparkle has a Frosty Challenge for any adventuresome guildie. The Guild Message of the day will announce the Challenge has begun. Interested adventurers need to check the website ( for the Frosty Challenge Questions.

We will post 5 questions answerable only from the crisp shores of Northrend (perfect for this time of year). Be the first person to mail the correct answers to Grimsparkle in Azeroth and you will win a Frostweave Bag and 50G (total value 250G).

Grim’s Frosty Challenge:
The first guildie to mail me (IN WoW) the correct answers wins a Frostweave Bag (value 199G).
1. Warsong Hold has how many steps in the main stairwell?
2. How many oracles guard the Eye of the Lich King in Kul’galar Keep?
3. How many Blood Elven naval ships are stationed north of Icecrown in the North Sea?
4. At about coordinates 48,79 what mammal’s corpse lies on the beach?
5. Which landing pad is the broom-wielding flightmaster on in Warsong Hold?
(Pick One)
a. NW       b. NE      c. SW    d. SE

TERMS & CONDITIONS (from our Gilblin lawyers)

  • Participants must be a member of the Laundromat guild in good standing
  • Party need not be present to win
  • First mail received with all 5 correct answers is the winner
  • Disputes may be settled by duel on consent of both parties in Ogrimmar
  • Not responsible if you die horribly  – cold and alone and become undead
  • Whiners will be polymorphed and eaten with mint jelly

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