Changes, Growth and Feedback

We’re on our way to Level 4, holding about 100 members and I’m getting some good input from folks. I’ve been told a few have been frustrated with the lack of running instances/Raids, lack of responses in guild chat, and my being offline for a week. I was also told that these reasons contributed to two prominent members (Engine and Zuel) leaving for DNA (which by the way is a great guild). Let me answer a few of these questions so you know what happened:

  • Why weren’t you on WoW for like 7 days?
    • Around Christmas, I got news that a close friend of mine had died
    • After Christmas, I was in a car accident
    • My credit card company screwed up and froze my account wrongly (they admitted they messed up). This caused my WoW account to become frozen and I was unable to logon. I used remote chat (before it got locked out) to tell a few people what had happened.
    • It took an additional 48 hours working with Blizzard to get everything back to normal
  • Reputation is capped (or some similar problem)
    • Unfortunately there is a daily cap on reputation which Blizzard setup; I can’t change it. I know level 25 guilds have perks; I can’t compete with that. Our goal is to provide a fun guild that we can do things together (social) and grow into areas we have interest in.
  • That being said, some are complaining about cliques or “radio silence” on guild chat.
    • All I can say is PLEASE try to pay attention to the chat window, especially officers – it’s important. Nothing feels worse than asking for help or seeing if anyone wants to do something and getting …nothing. Even saying “No thank you.” or suggesting another time or offer to setup an event does wonders – it’s simple respect and courtesy to say “I heard you and I care”.
    • Consider setting aside one game session a week to help guildies either by organizing a guild run through Dungeon Finder, helping them gear up, running a BG or even a Raid group. Get them mats for their profession, craft an item.
    • Quitting changes nothing. YOU be the fix: if you like Raiding, set up an event and invite people or tell an officer so we can coordinate it. We’ve had several successful guild runs doing this. PvP your bag? Let’s get a few people together of similar in Warsong Gulch and give it a shot. Our guild has plenty of room for folks to become leaders if they want to be responsible and head up an area. Whisper me or email me how I can help you.

In the end, as the Guild Master I know we need to improve and I have to start the change. I’ve promoted two highly active and dedicated members, Mozark and Silverflesh (gratz to you both on becoming Masters). I would ask our officers to give me feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Please make sure you greet, gratz, and be available for our guildies. If nothing’s happening, start something; if you need permissions, whisper me or email me (in game or at grimsparkle at gmail d0t c0m). Finally, remember to have fun.

Thanks again,


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