Chapter 7 – The Shell Game

I guess I hadn’t realized how long we were shadowtalkin’ but the sun was low in the sky now. As I took a bite of what they called fish, more like salt jerky, I tried to see where we were. By the looks of things we were father south and the coastline was a sliver on the horizon.

“Follow the coastline, Mr. Fenlow. Come about when the sun drops below the horizon, we make for shore just past our good ‘friends’ at Steamwheedle harbor.”, Captain Skarrlet said looking through his telescope. A few of his crew snickered as they made preparations. Skarlett turned to one of his sharpshooters, dressed in hunter’s gear with a very sophisticated goblin rifle and spoke quietly.

We sailed along following the sun’s descent and began toward land with the shadows of sunset and a haze moving in. “Looks like fine weather for a night raid. Get the skiffs ready. Glint, Frizz – take my special guests on the Prerogative.”

Those two saluted and gathered up about six of us along with four other pirates. There was a larger boat attached to the back of the ship on a winch. It wasn’t a pirate ship, that I could tell just by looking at it – far too fancy. Once I stepped below deck, it was clear this was a Kezan yacht, or at least it was. Now it carried a small turret and a pair of goblin rocket launchers. Two shredders sat on the back, dormant, neatly stowed behind the bridge with a ramp down below on either side to a metal door.

Glint crawled above the turret out of sight while Frizz cranked the handle to the metal door and it opened with a hiss, “Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll find your accomodations to be in order”. He shoved us in with the butt of his rifle and closed the door locking it from the outside.

“What now,” Raspooting asked, finally speaking after all this time. Several whooshes and clanks eminated from below and then a gurgling. “We’re sinking”, he exclaimed rushing around to find a porthole or means of escape.

“No…no they wouldn’t waste that much effort on killing us. This is no yacht…it’s a yachtmarine. I’ve seen one of these babies but not around these parts. I haven’t seen on of these since I was…home”

Yachtmarines were pretty ritzy items, even for goblins. Usually a mogul or a trade prince would have one and mostly to flaunt their status to the other poor schmucks on the shore. How an why Skarrlet came upon one was an even bigger mystery. “Ras, maybe this guy’s got connection’s back home. You ever hear of him or catch anything about his family?”

Raspootin, calming down, wiped a rag across his brow, “No, he’s never talked about much – other than piracy. Face doesn’t ring a bell either. You think he’s connected to Gallywix? Maybe he’s playing both sides: pirates and Azshara?”

“It doesn’t add up Ras. Skarlett’s moving things around like some street hustler; moving us here, others there…”, I whispered and at that point I got a sinking feeling, completely unrelated to the yachtmarine. Skarlett, like any true goblin, was playing an old game every goblin worth his bank statement knew; except he wasn’t playing with goblins and I realized we were going to be the setup.

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