Level 2!!!

The Laundromat reached level 2 early Tuesday morning on the shores of Tol Barad running some daily quests. This wouldn’t be possible without your help, teamwork, and willingness.

  • Special thanks are due to Master Zuel, our recruitment officer – on behalf of the GEO, I humbly thank you for your admirable and dedicated service.
  • For our Specialists: Blurre, Kyleron, Engine, and Mozark – thank you for your consistent efforts at running guild challenges and leveling; it helped propel our Guild XP forward.
  • To the rest of the team – again, thank you for all your efforts and keep up the great work.

I was able to send the top 25 lifetime activity toons a special thank you package consisting of a complimentary round of Darkmoon Reserve, a Chocolate Cookie, and a Mysterious Fortune Card (someone’s gotta win that 5000G!). We are already well on our way to Level 3.


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