Chapter 5 – Payin’ Your Debts

A wry smile curled on Zuel’s face, “Fortune and honor have a curious way of crossing paths; we have a lot of catching up to do.” She turned her head slightly and whistled and a strange snuffling sound came from behind and below. A heavy, muffled breathing of something…large.
My goblin hair was standing on end and my nose started itching. I slowly turned to look and sneezed uncontrollably before I could get a look at the 2,000 pound lion sniffing my boots. It crouched back and wrinkled its face at me growling; at that point I may have soiled myself, I’m not entirely sure.

“Sulphur!”, Zuel snapped, “remember him.” and she leaned close to Grimsparkle and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll find YOU.”

The beast relaxed and slinked by me with a look I didn’t like. I would say it was the look that translated as, “Chew Toy”.

“Taelin, form up your men, we mustn’t be late. Eitrigg has a low tolerance for tardiness.”, Zuel said as she began an unusually swift pace and in moments they continued up the hill and around the bustling thorofare.

I dusted myself of again still taking in everything – Zuel? Her attire was different from the rest of the bloodelves; I notice these things. The blood knight tabard was covering up her armor and insignia; to most that wouldn’t seem out of place but blood elves have a sense of fashion. “What was a Farstrider doing all the way back in Orgrimmar?”, I wondered. So many questions, I almost forgot how I got here…

I walked up the haze covered hallway of a bar and sat down on a thick wooden stool. Two goblins, impeccably tailored mageweave robes sat down a few moments later. They looked uncomfortable and impatient as they sat down – perfect; I like them distracted. “You’re…uh, late.” the one said, “Wheesh, what’d you soil yourself?”, the other hissed.

“I’ve heard you ‘shara boys were dandy’s; you come all this way to talk about the perfumed paradise of this place or is there somethin’ on your mind,” I said sipping a Starfire espresso.

The two of them, Frizz and Glint, looked at each other and Glint pulled out a small envelope with a red and gold wax seal of strange markings. They were strange because I hadn’t seen these symbols since I was a kid in Kezan. “Is this what I think it is?”, I whispered feeling cold.

The two of them, Frizz and Glint, looked at each other and Glint pulled out a small envelope with a red and gold wax seal of strange markings.

Frizz and Glint suddenly seemed undistracted – bad – and they just stared at me. “When do I need to go?”, I said sipping the last drops of espresso, probably the last I’d have for a while. Frizz leaned forward confidently, “Captain Skarrlet will be anchored offshore in 2 hours – don’t be late.”

“Sca-“, I shouted before Glint cupped his green hand over my mouth. “I wouldn’t say that name around here too loud. It could get your head removed from your neck.”, he added.

As I looked down at his clammy fingers, I noticed a very thin set of blue webbing between them. “Well, well. Getting thirsty gilbo? I could order you a what – salt water on the rocks?”, I said mockingly. Glint was a gilbo – a half goblin, half gilblin. They weren’t common but, eh, it happens. They were known to be opportunistic, cut rate thieves who would discount their own mother to beat out a sale.

“Keep breaking my gills and we’ll see how long you can hold your”, Glint said noticeably flushing blue before Frizz cut him off. “Stick to the plan Glint. The Captain wants to see him”, he said, “and you better hope he needs you or we’ll finish this. Docks at sunset, don’t be late.”

“Yeah, yeah”, I said as I opened the envelope under the table and pulled out a small note of parchment which had scrawled on it, “I.O.U” and a marker from the Laundromat on it. “I guess it’s time to pay up”, I said to myself, “Barkeep, I’ll take an espresso to go.”

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