Recommended Plug-Ins

Plug ins are for people who want a better interface or more control over how the game. I’ve put together the plug-ins that I’ve come across and encourage you to use. Some may be required for certain aspects of guild-play. So far, plug-ins can be found at and


  • Bartender4
    Probably one of the most important plug-ins you can get for WoW. It gives you extreme control over the action bar placement, size, arrangement, and effects. It can take about 30 minutes to tweak all your bars in place but once they’re set, it really streamlines what you can do. Bartender also allows you to reset your key bindings in a nice visual way. That helps set up rotations, using your full numeric keypad, and combo-keys like SHIFT, ALT, and CONTROL + number. You should also consider binding any macros to it keys for flight, opening moves, and stance-shifting.
  • SexyMap
    SexyMap gives you a choice of  beautiful maps and the ability to customize what viewer buttons appear and under what circumstances. One of the nice features of SexyMap is by right-clicking on the map, it opens up the control to all your Add-ons which can be handy.
  • TidyPlates
    Tidy Plates helps organize information on health, castbars, and combo points on different enemies. 
  • _NPCScan
    An essential for hunters and treasure seekers of the Rare NPC to loot or tame. NPCScan constantly checks to see if a given creature has spawned within the current map’s distance. If it finds them, an alert gets your attention (read: scare’s the crap out of you playing late at night) and centers where it locates them.
  • TitanPanel
    Another great organizing tool. Allows you to rollup plugins into drop-down menus across two bars at the top of the screen.
  • SpartanUI – newest alpha  — older link to v2.0 may be more stable here
    SpartanUI combined with the power of Bartender really makes WoW work well. I’m not sure if it’s best for Raiding but for all around PvE play it seems to fit the bill. SpartanUI condenses all your action bars and information into the bottom and center of the screen. Since it uses Bartender, you can easily change the layouts. I still use the older version but you may want to take a look at with the latest alpha for Cataclysm – it looks really sharp.
  • Recount
    Wondering why others sneer at you dps? End the worry with recount! Recount gives you a simple feedback on realtime dps by the fight and overall (lifetime). It gives you the option to watch damage in real time to see if there are slumps or problems. Recount is essential in testing rotation effectiveness and can be a lot easier to interpret results than Simulationcraft.
  • Omen Threat Meter
    What recount is to dps, Omen is to tank aggro. If you suffer from aggrile dynsfunction and can’t hold it up in a fight, Omen may be the answer. It shows your threat rating and can help you determine if the paper-clad mage behind you is showing you up. It can also be a help to others to make sure they don’t pull the fight for healers and casters.
  • Gatherer
    Another key for gathering types – shows you nodes and keeps a history of where you’ve gathered before. 
  • MaterialsTracker
    Gives you an “at-a-glance” view of mats, especially when combined with Titan Panel. Know instantly how many minerals, herbs, and mats you have.
  • Auctioneer
    Auctioneer is a comprehensive Auction House tool to help review pricing history of auctions, undercutting, and estimating.

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