A Year Ago…

Seems hard to believe but midnight tonight 1 year ago was the advent of the Cataclysm. Where you there? I can remember being in Stormwind at the time and there was a sea of blue names. It was the Azeroth equivalent of New year’s Eve at Times Square. People counted down as the server restart began and I remember taking a long final stroll through the Thousand Needles, Ashenvale, Loch Modan, and the Badlands. As soon as we were disconnected, I remember furiously trying to login to the new Cataclysmic Azeroth. The authentication servers were slammed for a good 8 minutes, and when I got in it was even more crowded as players frantically looked for new quests and content. World first achievements in professions rang out across the chat window with folks in Dalaran lamenting the loss of their beloved portals. There were so many crowded around the questgiver it looked like the question mark floated on a rough sea of names. Hundreds poured through to fight and many level 80s were humbled and shocked to find their well geared toons lacking in the face of their new opponents. They were equally stunned with the powerful gear rewarded for successfully completing quests and shedding the rare and epic items they spent weeks to farm and obtain. So, what lies ahead with Mists of Pandaria…

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