Quick Tips for Toons

Most of you will know these but its the details that can make all the difference between a win and a wipe. These are a quick checklist for the new player and a refresher for the old hand.


  • Know the Fight
    A quick 5 minutes on Youtube can make a dungeon more familiar and rewarding, especially if there is a puzzle, trick or mechanic to beating the boss. Sometimes there are things to avoid but knowing it BEFORE you jump into an instance may save you a well deserved kick.
  • Know your Spec (while it matters)
    Check your spec against popular builds and see what is different and why. You may realize why a spec config is preferred by 90+% of people and make a better player just by a quick read.
  • Know Your Rotation
    You should check gides on the best rotation and adjust accordingly. Use a bar control like Bartender and adjust the key bindings to make the keyboard work for you. Organize your spells, attacks, stances, potions, food, drink, bandages, etc. Find a nice place to kill some critters and look at the dps (using Recount or Show My DPS). Change the order on ONE thing and do it again – did you do better or worse? Keep adjusting it until you’re satisfied. At higher levels a simple switch can make 1,000 dps difference.
  • Know Your Place
    Tank: to hold AGGRO not max DPS. Tanks need to know how to draw attention in the fight and keep it there. Tanks move at the speed of the Healer’s Mana bar. Tanks should make sure everyone is ready BEFORE the Pull and everyone is clear on their job (for crowd control, etc). EVERYONE should know what the Healer’s Mana bar looks like – it’s your lifeline; when its empty, so are you.
    DPS: You are the real workhorses here – it’s YOUR job, not the tank’s to bring down the enemy. The tank’s job is to keep him busy so you can do your job.
    Healer: Keep the tank alive first, DPS second. If the tank dies, the dps will be very shortly.


Empty slots, sockets, and glyphs are the sign of an ignorant or poor (as in gold poor) player. Glyphs can add 10-25% damage on some attacks or stack as well. Lacking appropriate glyphs is like showing up to a swordfight with a butter knife. It’s a knife alright but you’ll just have to work harder to get the job done.

  •  Check sites for preferred class/spec glyphs

GEM UP (Level 60+)

Once you get to Outland, it’s time to make all Diablo and rock your sockets. Again, empty slots either say you’re too poor to play or you don’t care. Why wouldn’t you want a 10,20,30, or 40 stat buff plus socket bonus?! Even if you put a +5 Bloodstone it shows, I’m trying.

BE A CRAFTSMAN (Level 70+)

At this point, you should have some Professional skills to make some unique items for yourself.

  • Blacksmith: add gem sockets to Hands, Wrists, and Belt Buckle (that can add up to 120 in stat buffs)
  • Tailor: embroider Back and Legs for bonuses
  • Alchemist: Serious flasks and trinkets
  • Enchanters: Ring buffs
  • and the list goes on

The point is, they’re buffs there for the making.

REFORGE (Level 85)

To squeeze every last bit out of your gear or try to improve decent gear you need to reforge. Reforging takes the weaker stat on an item and allows you to move about 40% into another buff. This is mostly critical for raiding where you can miss an enemy boss 10% of the time until you use +Hit buffs. Learn the priority of stat buffs and that they are unique for each class. Mastery on a Protection Paladin is not the same priority as it is on an Affliction Warlock. Measure twice, reforge once or it will cost your a lot of gold to redo.

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