Guild Ranks & Rules

Our guild has 10 ranks divided unofficially into 3 tiers of responsibility.


  1. GEO (Gobin Executive Officer) of which there is only 1 member, the Guildmaster
  2. Exec Officer
    Executive Officers are co-GMs. Essentially a GM with the the only difference being they can be overruled by the GEO.
  3. Laundromaster
    Laundromasters are the Executive Master branch of the guild overseeing large groups. They are usually specific to a branch of guild growth such as Lore, PvP, Battlegrounds, Recruitment, etc. Laundromasters have a vested committment to the guild.OFFICER CORPS
  4. Master
    Masters are the Senior officers of the Guild and hand picked because of there near constant presence, dedication, and good sportsmanship.
    Masters are prime candidates for Executive Corps members as the guild continues to grow along with the need for responsible direction.
  5. Gilded Hand
    Profiteer rank can be promoted to a side rank of members called the Gilded Hand. Gilded Hand Members are similar to Masters in their level of responsibility but their focus is economic. Gilded Hand members rock the Auction House. The are the daytraders of Azeroth looking to make a gold with a keen eye and a quick click of the mouse.
  6. Profiteer
    Profiteers are Junior officers of the Guild distinguished by long service, a history of guild accomplishments, and being helpful. Profiteers can also be those Cleaners and Specialists who wish to become professional farmers and work the Auction House.ENLISTED CORPS
  7. Specialist
    Top rank among the “enlisted class” of guild members. Specialists are active members expressing some degree of responsibility for guild events, challenges, and recruitment.
  8. Enforcer
    Active Member of guild. Role has additional access to guild bank and is a frequent presence in guild activities or contributions.
  9. Fencer
    Basic Member of guild and an Associate of the Laundromatorium of Kezan Corporation. Members have access to basic mats and gear on the first two tabs.
  10. Trainee
    Most guild members graduate after about 1 week. Promotion may be delayed due to inactivity or lack of participation.
    Guild reviews are typically done by Saturday. The final determination is ruled by Masters and above and may be undone by a higher rank if there is sufficient reason.



  • Absolutely no harassment, threats, insubordination (giving guild officers a hard time), or bullying will NOT be permitted. Any verifiable activity will result in an immediate guild kick and ignore. In short, if someone says stop, stop; Rule #1 is to have fun but not at other’s expense.
  • Promotions are given by known previous performance, merit and responsibility not time in, favoritism, or badgering. If you hold rank you are expected to be responsible.
  • If you need something, ask an officer (Grimsparkle, Zuel, Raspootin, or any of their alts). We may be able to get you what you need if you have a good reason but don’t have access.

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