Guild Bank Guidelines

Our Guild Bank has reached 6 tabs in just 2 weeks and thanks to all of you who helped us reach that milestone. I’d like to review some guild guidelines/rules for the Guild Bank:

  1. Don’t remove items just to sell them on the Auction House (AH)! Ask first and if it’s OK then you’re good to gold. Doing this is considered poor form and akin to bank robbing.
    • This is especially hard when items may be needed by other guildies for crafting items to increase skills or they are one level away from using it when you take it. • It also can demoralize people who just spent an hour to get an item they proudly deposit just to watch you walk off and pocket it.
    • The guild bank is for everyone’s use but not at everyone’s expense.
  2. Don’t put Grey or White items in the bank. Grey and White are items of poor or Common quality. It’s essentially mob trash used to sell at a vendor to make gold. If you want, sell them and deposit the money in the Guild Bank.
  3. Don’t take what you don’t need
    • If you’re profession is a leathermaker and skinner, you probably shouldn’t be taking stacks of Elementium ore out of the bank (without asking or having a great excuse).
    • The officers can rock the Auction House; if you want to become a daytrader, ask one of the officers and we’ll set you up with some mats. Be prepared for some questions (do you have the Mobile Armory App, do you understand how the AH works?)
  4. Contribute to get consideration
    • Want the guild to spring for a trinket you’ve had your eye on? We can consider sweat equity but there’d better be a few gallons of it.
    • The guild is run by goblins with hearts of gold, not brains of lead. Asking for stuff on week 1, demanding gold or you’ll ragequit is basically and automatic “no”

Violations of these policies will be discussed and reviewed by the Officers (Master rank and above) and a determination rendered. Actions include a temporary or permanent loss of rank up to or including a guild kick.

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