Chapter 2 – Career Move

The drive through the streets of Kezan took forever against the backdrop of the refineries churning away. Finally we pulled up to the ol’homestead. I really didn’t expect to find my father home but when mom was standing there… I just knew this was gonna be bad.

She just stood there lookin at me y’know? Like she was lost or something and if you know my ma, she’s never at a loss for words.
I went into my pop’s office and there was someone else sitting in his chair. Someone I wish I had never met.

The room was dark even though the windows were open and you could see the sun was shining through the pineapple curtains mom loved so much. And there was this smell – it was off, sweet but foul at the same time, like old smoke. Problem is my father didn’t smoke.

He just smiled at me silently; that kinda creeped me out.

“What the farkle’s going on here”, I asked him. “Get outta my dad’s chair you son of a gilblin. Who do you think you are?”

“WE”, he started, “have some pressing business Grimsparkle…You see your late father owes me a debt.”

“What? Where’s my father – you come in here, into my house and”

“Your father is dead.”

That’s when my feet went numb. Somehow I found myself on the floor.

The man continued, “and in my line of work, death is not an excuse for lack of payment from a client.”

“You want payment? I got your payment right here pal”, Grimsparkle said as he grabs a staff in the corner of the room.
A sudden flash of purple fire leaps from the man’s pointed fingers knocking the goblin into another chair. As the mauve sparks flicked off his body, he swooned feeling the life draining from him for a moment.

The man leaned over Grimsparkle, his tone more stern, “You dont HAVE what i want – yet. Your father’s bill WILL be paid in currency; the kind of currency I need. And do you KNOW what I need Grimsparkle?”

“Better manners…maybe a breath mint?”

“Insolent worm!”, he hissed, “You will pay your debt and with interest for insult. You will gather souls as payment and the only way to do that is as a warlock. You will bring me shards of their remains… or your extensive family and it’s assets will suffer total loss.”

“What could I do? Like I said, I was a businessman and he was holding all the cards. I couldn’t let him hurt ma and certainly not our holdings in the Bank of Kezan. If pop was dead he’d come back and kill me for sure. There was a guy my ma told me to stay away from, Evol. He was into some pretty wierd stuff but then again, how could this get any weirder?”

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