Chapter 1 – Business Unusual

I wasn’t an adventurer, certainly no hero – I was a businessman. My father ran a joint called the Laundrotorium in South Kezan by exit 28. I had just gotten the hang of running the business while my pop was away on business.

[Grimsparkle stands behind the counter proudly overseeing the neat counter and semi-cluttered piping behind him hung with clothing. An older and distinguished Blood elf woman and her daughter arrive to pick up some clothes.]

“Here’s your Mageweave robes all pressed for … What’d ya say this was for?”, Grimsparkle asked politely.

The woman half smiled as she ran her fingers through a finely-embroidered satchel, “My daughter’s apprenticing with a Master Falconer, we must make a good impression – he’s one of the finest in — Oh!”

“Is there a problem with the outfit?”, I asked looking a bit concerned at her sudden frustration; I wasn’t about to give a refund.

“No”, she said half-distracted. “It would seem my coinpurse is missing, again. I’m sure your father knows where the money in it went” she added looking at her daughter apologetically. “Probably more mana crystals”, she whispered to herself. Composing herself she looked at Grimsparkle with a proud facade, “I suppose we can come back shortly, this will have to be…”

“On the house, our compliments.”, I told her, “yeah, yeah I know but I could she she needed it and I didn’t want her to look bad in front of the kid. There were bigger problems there and bigger problems aren’t good for the bottom line if y’know what I mean.”

On top Grimsparkle laid a broach-sized token of the Laundrotorium with his initials on it. The tokens were coupons for valued customers and rarely given out. One of the other goblins almost tripped when he saw Grimsparkle put the token on the bundle. “Hey Grim are you-“, the protested.

Clapping his hand over the goblin’s mouth and stepping away from the counter, Grimsparkle muttered, “Good business is more than money. Its about good relationships; they’re worth more than gold. They’re an investmemt in the future”. The stunned goblin shook his head slowly in disbelief, “yeah, uh – right you are Grim. Uh, dividins. Whatever you say.”

“Thank you. You’re very kind.”, the woman said and turned to her daughter.”
Perhaps someday I or my Zuelie can repay your kindness. She takes a token from the Laundromatorium and turns to her daughter, “Zuelie, I want you to have this for good luck; honor is the road to greatness; remember the few who travel it.”

Grimsparkle waved to the little girl as she and her mother hurried out the door as footsteps clomped behind him.
“Grim… its your father – come quickly”, the goblin said.

“Pop?”, I thought to myself, “he’s not supposed to be back – he’s on business”. I grabbed my stuff and headed back and I was sure someone squealed on me about the token.

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